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The dreamy fashion, design, and art inspirations from Katie DeYoe, a graphic designer and illustrator living in the frozen tundra of Minnesota.

style inspirations no. 1


Lately I cannot stop thinking about neutrals. White, cream, light gray, tan, navy, black...and especially, I like pairing them together. Growing up I've always been a neutral girl, but in the last couple of years I've been experimenting with adding new, bright colors into my wardrobe. It was a fun to try, but I'm now noticing the neutrals are coming out again in full force, this time with more clarity and confidence. Suddenly I feel more ownership of my neutrals. Maybe it's just part of growing up, but I feel like I am listening to myself more now, finally trusting my gut. I think it's the simplicity they bring that gets me. Neutrals are classic and chic — and they never look over-done. 

Oh and I always throw a little bit of gold in to glam things up! 

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