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The dreamy fashion, design, and art inspirations from Katie DeYoe, a graphic designer and illustrator living in the frozen tundra of Minnesota.

Proper Fireplace


Aaron and I daydream a lot about our future home. The number of bedrooms and baths (3 and 2, respectively), the kitchen counter materials (white marble), the exterior (midnight blue shutters with large billowy white hydrangea bushes beneath), and a large studio space for us to make things in. Our current apartment's "fireplace" can only be described as the Burn-O-Matic, which is exactly what its front says. It's a metal, gas-powered box with a tall black pipe connecting it to the outside—meaning—it's a bit of an eyesore. One day, our dream house will have a magnificent traditional fireplace surround. But for now, I'll satisfy myself with drawing my dream fireplace, instead.

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