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The dreamy fashion, design, and art inspirations from Katie DeYoe, a graphic designer and illustrator living in the frozen tundra of Minnesota.

Going back to "my" colors

Most of my life was decidedly lived in a world of subdued neutrals, by choice. I love gray, navy, tan, creme...And routinely, I'd dip into olive and mustard. But, never did I reach the value of a hazmat suit. Then blogs burst on the scene, and I dived into the vibrant worlds of other creatives, who showed me the fun there is to be had within a world filled with COLOR. Color people! So for a few nice years, I wore things. Lavender. Hot pink. CERULEAN. But now, I'm reestablishing my own true deep interests, and following my own heart. Ok people? And here I am, back to my dusty tones and monochromatic neutrals with an understated sophistication. And I love it.