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The dreamy fashion, design, and art inspirations from Katie DeYoe, a graphic designer and illustrator living in the frozen tundra of Minnesota.

Artcrank Minneapolis 2016

This year I'll be participating in Artcrank MSP 2016! An awesome, bike-themed, creative community art show event. I've attended previous year's shows as a viewer, but this will be my first year as a participating artist. Tomorrow I'll begin screen printing my illustration and I can't wait. Above is my final art, and below is my final pencil sketch, if you'd like to see...

I like to start brainstorming by whipping out quick thumbnail sketches of multiple concepts in my sketchbook. After I decide upon which idea seems worth moving forward with, I'll grab a bigger sketchbook and some tracing paper to begin fleshing out the composition and details. I got inspired by the Dutch and their huge biking culture. They have these family-sized cargo bikes that can literally fit like 3 or 4 kids and an adult all on one bike! With spring here, I went for more of a floral theme, and I think it came out pretty dang cute. I'm looking forward to June 4th to see what the other artist's created!